Demon Trouble

Ruined (The Eternal Balance, Book One) - Jus Accardo

really love this author's writing style. She is great at building suspense and anticipation (especially the angst for those love scenes). This book was not a disappointment in those ways. What I did find harder to love about this book than her others is the depth to the plot and storyline.

The story contains constant action and a good mystery at it's heart. I was a bit disappointed to have the one character I felt has a great depth of information about the characters was killed off. Eventually the story became a bit predictable for me. I read a lot it seemed very familiar to me.
What did catch my attention and I find was very well done is the romance aspect to the story. Jax had left his life behind, only to return to say goodbye to a loved one. He finds himself stuck in town for awhile and tries as best he can to explain to his ex-girlfriend Sam why he had to leave. He is the true definition of a “bad boy.” It is apparent that Sam's life is in danger and somebody is trying to kill her. Jax is there to rescue her and eventually begins to break down that wall between them.
The story is told from both Jax's and Sam's Perspective, so we get to learn about each of their personalities well and watch that process slowly breaking down for each of them, bringing them closer, and the reader awaiting the outcome to that angst.
There are a lot of twists to the story and it is slowly unraveled to us in a way that keeps us turning pages to find out what happens next. The main characters are both determined, strong and feisty and them working things out with each other and the romance aspect is the main focus of the story.
It is a more mature novel and recommended for older teens, it also has a lot of violence, some alcohol and language. A very enjoyable story for those that enjoy seeing the bad boy and bad girl hook up. Sam is not your predictable girl next door and adds a lot of humor to the story.