Review: Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen

In a futuristic Australia, the whole world is dependent on the Aquifer and the relationship between those who control it "The Rats" and those above, led by "The Council". This relationship is held with a yearly contract in which the Deliverer visits the Rats for a yearly conference. Luca is the next in line to become a Deliverer and the only other person besides his father that knows the way down to the Rats.

In a world that has abolished human emotions as much as possible. The domino effect of the events that take place get harder and harder for Luca and others to control theirs. A council that tries it's hardest to banish such things, seems to be is loosing it's control of their people. Luca has to grow up fast, and that means learning new things. Secret things. It seems that everybody is not who they seem to be anymore. 
The story is a non-stop adventure that will take us through the school system, history museum and the aquifer itself. I think perhaps the saddest part of the story for me was the people that had to be undone. Those that caused too many wrinkles are cast away, and not in a good way. It's gruesome and really sad. But that part of life was a daily dealing for Luca and his father. 
Aquifer was a very fast and thought provoking read. I recommend it to those that enjoy dystopian stories. It was a very nice change to read about a young boy finding love for the first time, and the friendships he gains throughout the book with both old and young. Even at his age he stands out as the strongest character in the book.